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2HZS75 Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batch Plant

2HZS75 Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batch Plant

2HZS75 Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batch Plant is ideal concrete equipment for building project, building ground and precast product factory. The main characteristic is:It adopts knockdown structure and blocking and It is combine mode.

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Features and Usage

Main Parts Of 2HZS75 Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batch Plant

1. Concrete Mixer

1.Horizontal twin-shaft compulsory mixer has strong mixing ability, it can mix the materials evenly and effectively. It can mix concrete with different slumps and raw materials ratio. Its mixing blade and lining board are made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy. External shaft end support and special shaft seal ensure the long sevice life of the mixer.

2. Aggregates Batcher 

The quantity of aggregate silos depends on the customer's requirements, usually three silos. A wheel loader can be used to transfer the aggregates to the aggregate silos. In the bottom of the aggregate silo, there are one fine aggregate and one coarse aggregate discharging gate. Once receiving signals, the cylinder will open the discharging gate, and the aggregates are discharged into the weighing hopper respectively.

3. Weighing System 

It adopts special DSB-III, it has the function of automatic difference compensation, aggregates, cement, water and additive all has their own weighing machine, and the results are accurate.

4. Aggregate Conveying System 

After weighing, the aggregate are sent to the hopper, from the hopper the aggregates are discharged into the mixer.

5. Control System 

The whole plant is controlled by industrial control computer. This system has the following features: real-time data processing function; both automatic and manual control are available; simple and convenient operation. It can save all the data of the plant and the materials ratio; It can also print all the report forms. Constant temperature containerized type of control room adopts sound and heat insulation colorful batten board which can ensure the working temperature of electrical devices and also provide a comfortable environment for the operator.

Model 2HZS75
Rated Productivity 150m3/h
Main Mixer JS1500*2
Max. Aggregate Diameter 80mm
Capacity of Aggregate Bin 3X12m3
Aggregate Conveying Mode Lift Hopper
Aggregate Weighing Precision 4500Kg ±2%
Cement Weighing Precision 1500Kg ±1%
Fly Ash Weighing Precision 600Kg ±1%
Water Weighing Precision 600Kg ±1%
Additive Weighing Precision 50Kg ±1%
Discharging Height 4.1 m
Control Mode Central Control/Automatic Computer Control System
Powder Silos (for customers choice) According to customers’ demands,(100T ,150T,200T cement silos can be used.)
Screw Conveyors (for customers choice) Usually, φ273mm screw conveyors are used.

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2HZS75 Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batch PlantSkip Hoist Type Concrete Batch Plant
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